Friday, October 12, 2007

Petroglyph 2

Same as Petro 1 below.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Petroglyph 1

Block-print...simple cardboard, not linoleum, etc, on modified card stock. All are different, no two alike. Signed, available.

Sad 1

Block-print on modified paper. Each postcard is/ will be different. Signed, available.

Sad 2

Block-print on modified card stock. Each postcard is/ will be different. Signed, available.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Salvador Dali

This was created for a recent art-call I participated in, "All My Heros Are Weirdos." Dali fit that bill so it was he I chose. Created in graphics program, composed from numerous different pictures from everywhere. Available.


Nobody in particular. Pencil, imported and painted with Wacom tablet. Trades available.


Couple of clippings, ink pen, spray paints, import and then toyed a bit. Trades available.


Look! Pencil, trades available.

My Daughter

This is when she was around five years old. The Bic pens didn't like doing pointillism and I didn't like returning to the store for more of them, so this is as far as this got. Trades available.

Best Nephew

My nephew Jacob, a great kid. Pencil sketch, imported, bit of Wacom. Trades available.

Single Petroglyph

This started of from a photo of a largish wall sculpture I did. Imported then toyed with in graphics program. Trades available.

Old Man

Pencil line-art, imported, painted in graphics program with Wacom tablet. Trades available.

Female Face

Nobody in particular, just a whipped up scribble. Trades available.

Robo Two

Ditto, same description as Robo One, tho this one is a different and separate gizmo. Trades available.

Robo One

This is the first of two robot looking critters I made from salvaged mechanical and electronic parts. The don't do anything, just sit and look interesting. Photo imported and art'd up in graphics program. Trades available.